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Nudrin SP

Rotam NA
SnapshotID: 54310

Active ingredients





WSSA mode of action

Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors




ArmywormBeetle, CarrionBeetle, Cucumber/Corn RootwormBeetle, PicnicLeafminer, BlotchLeafhopper, BlueberryInsect, CatfacingLeafhopper, Sharp-nosedLooper, Striped GrassLeafminer, TentiformLeafroller, BlueberryBudwormCutworm, CitrusLeafroller, VariegatedWeevil, AlfalfaBeetle, AsparagusLeafhopper, AsterWebworm, BeetCutworm, BlackMaggot, BlueberryBeetle, Cereal LeafEarworm, CornAphid, Cotton/MelonLeafperforator, CottonFruitworm, CranberryCutwormMoth, DiamondbackWeevil, Egyptian AlfalfaArmyworm, FallCutworm, GranulateCloverworm, GreenAphid, Green PeachCabbageworm, ImportedAppleworm, LesserMelonwormBeetle, Mexican BeanMoth, Oriental FruitPlant Bug /Leaf BugAphid, PeaPicklewormPlant Bug, LygusLeafhopper, PotatoTuberworm, PotatoCutworm, RedbackedAphid, Rosy AppleSawflySkipper, SilverspottedMidge, SorghumWebworm, SorghumBeetle, Spotted AsparagusBeetle, Spotted CucumberStink BugPlant Bug, TarnishedThripsBudworm, TobaccoFruitworm, TomatoMoth, Tufted Apple BudLeafhopper, White AppleCutworm, WhiteLooper, CabbageCaterpillar, AlfalfaLooper, AlfalfaAphidAphid, AppleBollworm /Cotton BollwormFruitworm, CherryMoth, CodlingFleahopper, CottonLeafworm, CottonCorn Borer, EuropeanFlea BeetleLeafroller, FruittreeHornwormLeafrollerLeafroller, ObliquebandedLeafroller, OmnivorousLooper, OmnivorousTortrix, OrangeLeafroller, RedbandedCaterpillar, SaltmarshArmyworm, SouthernLooper, SoybeanPinworm, TomatoMoth, TussockCutworm, VariegatedCaterpillar, VelvetbeanWeevilMoth, Western TussockArmyworm, Western YellowstripedArmyworm, YellowstripedBug, LygusLeafroller, Western AvocadoAphid, Chinese/SoybeanArmyworm, BeetLeafhopperLooperBeetle, Bean LeafWebworm, SodPinwormFruitworm, GreenEarworm


AlfalfaAniseAppleAsparagusAvocadoBarleyBean, KidneyBean, Lima (All or Unspecified)Bean, MungBean, NavyBean, PintoBean, SnapBean, WaxBean, AsparagusBean, Dry (All Types)Chickpea/Garbanzo BeanBean, SucculentBeet, Greens (Unspecified)Beet, SugarBermudagrassBlueberry (All Types)BroccoliBrussels SproutsCabbageCabbage, Chinese (Unspecified)CantaloupeCarrotMelon, CasabaCauliflowerCeleryChicoryCorn, FieldCorn, PopCorn, SweetCottonCowpeaMelon, CrenshawCucumberDandelion, GreensEggplantEndive/ChicoryEscaroleFennel/Common FennelGarlicGrapefruitMustard GreensSoybean HayHorseradishKaleLemonLentilLettuce, HeadLettuce, LeafLupin, GrainLupin, White SweetMelon, MangomelonMelon (All Types)Melon, PersianMelon, HoneydewNectarineOatOnion, Bulb/Dry BulbOnion, GreenOrangeParsleyPea, EnglishPea, Black-eyedPea, FieldPea, PigeonPea, SucculentPea, Edible PodPeachPeanutPearPear, BalsamPecanPepper, SweetPeppermintPimentoPomegranateRyeSoybean, For ForageSoybeanSpearmintSpinachSwiss ChardTangerineTangeloTobaccoTomatilloTomatoTurnip GreensWatermelonWheatApple, BalsamCucumber, ChineseMelon, Santa ClausMelon, Golden PershawMelon, PineappleMelon, SnakePea, DwarfSquash, CrookneckSquash, StraightneckSquash, ScallopSquash, Vegetable MarrowSquash, SpaghettiSquash, HyotanSquash, CucuzzaOkra, ChineseSudangrassLupin, SweetLupin, WhiteCorn, For SeedSorghumBean, FavaBeet, TablePea, GreenPea, GardenPepper, HotPepper, Bell/GreenBittermelonMelon, HoneyballCollards, Fresh MarketPotatoesHechimaBean, BroadLawns /Turf

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls; Chemical Resistant Gloves Category A (such as butyl rubber, natural rubber, neoprene rubber or nitrile rubber), all ≥14 mils; Shoes plus socks; Protective eyewear
Personal Protection
Mixers, loaders, applicators, cleaners, repairers of application equipment, and others exposed to the concentrate must wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants; Chemical-resistant gloves,such as barrier laminate or butyl rubber; Socks and chemical resistant footwear; Protective eyewear; Chemical resistant apron; Respirator with either an organic vapor-removing cartridge with a prefilter approved for pesticides (MSHA/NIOSH approval number prefix TC-23C), or a canister approved for pesticides (MSHA/ NIOSH approval number prefix TC-14G), or a NIOSH approved respirator with an organic vapor (OV) cartridge or a canister with any R, P, or HE prefilter.
Restricted Entry Interval
Peaches = 4 day. Apple, cotton, grapefruit, lemon, nectarine, orange, tangelo, tangerine = 3 day. All other WPS uses = 48 hour REI.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen