A Different Way to Examine Cost Versus Benefit

Get your game face on. Seed and chemical sales reps are pounding the pavement hoping to sell you their latest and greatest technology. ...

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Minnesota Enacts June 20 Dicamba Cutoff For 2019

On Monday, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) announced an additiona

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15% Of Corn Growers Report Moderate To Severe Rootworm Issues

If you saw a lot of corn rootworm (CRW) beetles on your combine windshield this fall while harvesting soybeans, plan to protect your ...

2 days ago

Turning Liquid Gold Into Green Energy

On 1,000 acres in northwest Missouri, rolling fields filled with flowers and butterflies are the backdrop of a booming technology revolu...

3 days ago

USDA, EPA Offer Funds To States For Nutrient Reduction

Nutrient reduction is top of mind for farmers in many states, and USDA and EPA are upping their support efforts.

3 days ago

Cannabis Named A Commodity Crop In The 2018 Farm Bill

While the full text of the 2018 farm bill hasn't been released yet, U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., says the new bill will look a lot...

3 days ago

Waterhemp Develops New Resistance To HPPD Inhibitors

A new contender is fighting for top honors as the ‘most troublesome weed.’ Waterhemp has once again proven it can evolve quickly and thr...

4 days ago

It Doesn't Take Much to Ruin No-Till

Study finds a single horizontal tillage pass significantly reduced water infiltration Among the reasons healthy soil produces higher yie...

5 days ago
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