Compass Minerals Expands Rocket Seeds Line to Five Products

In February 2019, Compass Minerals introduced Rocket Seeds—a lineup of seed-applied nutritional and planter box nutritional fluency produ...

9 hrs ago

Two Bayer Roundup Trials Postponed to Give Mediation Time

(Bloomberg) -- Bayer AG agreed to postpone two upcoming U.S. trials involving its Roundup weedkiller to allow time for mediation talks on...

4 days ago

How To Optimize Your Seed Discount

As you consider your seed options for 2020, you’re undoubtedly being inundated with offers from seed companies: volume discounts, early c...

5 days ago

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Lake Erie often garners national attention for its algae blooms. The Great Lake, which is near David Myerholtz’s farm, constantly weighs ...

5 days ago

Ferrie: Fall Burndown Applications Will Still Work. Here’s How.

It looks and feels like winter in much of the country, but it’s not too late to benefit from a fall burndown for weed control in fields, ...

A week ago

Tracking Wheat Rust To Its Origin

Researchers in South Africa think they now know what causes a deadly wheat pathogen that threatens the vital global food source.

2 weeks ago

Nutrien’s Potash Mine Closure Adds to Bite of Canada Rail Strike

(Bloomberg) -- The world’s largest fertilizer producer plans to temporarily close its biggest potash mine as the impact of a Canadian rai...

2 weeks ago

John Phipps: The War on Midwest's Biggest Crop Enemy

Now that we have finished harvest, we’re digesting all the other aspects of production we noticed besides yield. Like weed control, for e...

2 weeks ago
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