Scout For These 4 Yield-Robbing Soybean Ailments

As seed hits the soil and cold temperatures linger, farmers might be wondering what this means for seed emergence.

Just now

Planters Finally Roll for #Plant19

While it already seems like an arduous planting season, little seed has actually hit the ground. However, good weather has finally hit t...

12 hrs ago

A New Era of Crop Production

There’s no quick and easy way to move from conventional farming—using the same management and a few hybrids on all acres—to variable-inp...

15 hrs ago

Stop Corn Yield Loss From The Start

As corn pokes through the soil it’s susceptible to a wide variety of attacks.

3 days ago

Cold Soils Mean Starter Fertilizer Could Pay

Make sure you have the right conditions before pulling the trigger on starter fertilizer. While it can provide positive ROI, it’s not al...

4 days ago

EPA Approves Fourth Dicamba Option, Tavium, from Syngenta

This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Syngenta’s Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide.

6 days ago

How Much Planter Down Pressure Is Enough?

Setting down pressure is challenging because it is dependent on many factors that are unique to your fields and that vary on the days yo...

6 days ago
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