Farm Family Stays Diverse By Staying True to Southern Staple Crops

One farm family in the Southeast is making sure its operation stays resilient. They’re doing that by staying true to their southern stap...

Just now

Keep More Fertilizer In The Field With Controlled Drainage

Mother Nature always likes to have her own way but farmers can have more say over how much water stays in or out of their fields, thanks...

2 days ago

Hog Manure Might Be Corn’s Next Sidedressing Option

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are looking at new ways to use hog manure for fertilizer.

3 days ago

Get A Jump Start To Manage Marestail

As crops come out of the field, bare soil acts as a breeding ground for weeds. Managing them now can help you have a more successful pla...

3 days ago

Discovery Puts Scientists One Step Closer to SCN Control

Iowa State University (ISU) researchers have discovered the mechanism that gives soybean cyst nematode (SCN) power over plants.

4 days ago

Seven Steps For A Better 2019 Marketing Plan

As you look forward to 2019 make marketing one of your top priorities.

5 days ago

5 Changes Experts Want on the New Dicamba Label

Four extension weed specialists (from Purdue University, University of Illinois, and Ohio State University) have released

5 days ago

Ag Giant Partners To Launch Soybean Inoculant

Earlier this week Pivot Bio and Monsanto Company, a member of the Bayer group, announced a collaboration they entered earlier this year ...

7 days ago
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