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    Transom 4.5 F

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    Active ingredients





    WSSA mode of action

    ß-tubuline assembly in mitosis




    Brown Rot BlightAnthracnoseBlight, CercosporaBlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightBlightTip BlightTwig BlightBotrytis DiseasesCopper SpotCylindrocladium DiseasesFusarium DiseasesLeaf Spot, CercosporaLeaf SpotLeaf Spot, BotrytisLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf SpotLeaf Spot, SeptoriaPowdery MildewPowdery MildewSummer/Poa PatchPowdery MildewPowdery MildewPowdery MildewPowdery MildewRed ThreadRhizoctonia DiseasesNecrotic Ring Spot/Spring Dead SpotBrown RotBrown RotRustRustRustSclerotinia DiseasesStripe SmutPink Snow MoldBlack Spot, RoseLeaf SpotLeaf SpotTwig BlightGray Leaf SpotTwig BlightLeaf SpotLeaf SpotScabBrown Rot BlightDiebackThielaviopsis DiseasesLeaf ScabTip Blight, DiplodiaCankerPenicillium DiseasesBrown PatchLeaf BlightRamularia DiseasesFusicladium DiseasesMyrothecium DiseasesLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf BlightLeaf SpotLeaf BlightLeaf SpotLeaf BlightLeaf SpotTwig BlightCankerDiebackCankerCankerDiebackDiebackGliocladium DiseasesBlight, BotrytisAnthracnoseBlight, SclerotiniaDollar SpotZoysia PatchLeaf BlightScab, CrabappleLeaf BlightLeaf SpotHawthornPearAsh, Mountain


    AgeratumAshAzaleaBegoniaBulbsCannaCherryChrysanthemumColeusCormsCrabappleDahliaPink /Maiden PinkDusty-millerFirFir, DouglasFlowering PlantsFoliage Plants, TropicalFoxgloveFuchsiaHibiscusHollyHydrangeaIrisIvy, EnglishLilyMapleMarigoldOakPansyPearPetuniaPhilodendronPinePlane, LondonPoinsettiaPrimroseRhododendronRoseSalviaSpruceStaticeSycamoreVerbenaWalnutMountain AshLavenderImpatiensTickseedPlants, CutLarchPothosDracaenaTubersHollyhockPyracanthaGeraniumLigustrumDieffenbachiaCuttingsStrawflowerRhizomeHawthornBentgrassBermudagrassBluegrassFescueRyegrassSt. AugustinegrassZoysiagrassAthletic FieldsGolf Course, ApronsGolf Course, FairwaysGolf Course, GreensGolf Course, TeesLawns/Turf, SchoolsParks
    Product safety


    Early entry
    Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, Chemical-resistant gloves made of any waterproof material, Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks, Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposures.
    Personal Protection
    Handlers mixing, loading and applying the product as a dip must wear: Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants; Chemical-resistant gloves; Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks; A chemical-resistant apron. All other mixers and loaders and applicators must wear: Long-sleeved shirt and long pants; Shoes plus socks; Chemical-resistant gloves for all mixers and loaders and for applicators using hand-held equipment, and Chemical-resistant apron for mixers, loaders and other handlers exposed to the concentrate.
    Restricted Entry Interval
    12 hours


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

    Should not be stored in a damp place

    May be stored in a warm place

    May be frozen