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    SpeedZone Southern EW

    PBI/Gordon Corporation
    SnapshotID: 64015

    Active ingredients

    Dicamba Acid2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl esterDichlorprop-p, 2-ethylhexyl ester




    Aster, White HeathCarrot, WildClover, WhiteGarlic, WildMustard, WhiteOnion, WildStrawberry, WildYarrowRocket, YellowLettuce, WildGeranium, WildViolet, wildClover, DutchClover, HoneysuckleTrefoil, WhitePurplewort


    BahiagrassBentgrassBermudagrassBluegrass, KentuckyBuffalograssFencerowsRyegrass, PerennialFescue, Fine/RedSt. AugustinegrassBluegrass, AnnualCentipedegrassRyegrass, Annual/ItalianZoysiagrassPaspalum, SeashoreLawns/Turf, ResidentialLawns/Turf, OrnamentalAthletic FieldsCemeteriesGolf CourseSod ProductionParksSt. Augustinegrass, FloratamDitches, RoadsideAirportsApartments, CondominiumsDividers/MediansFederal/State Properties and Military SitesStorage Areas, FuelHospitalsInstitutional SitesLibrariesLumber YardsMunicipal PropertiesMuseumsNursing HomesRights-of-way, RailroadResidential AreasSchoolsSport FacilitiesTank FarmsRights-of-way, UtilityBridge Abutments/ApproachesShoulders, RailroadCrossings, RailroadRights-of-way, Telephone/Communication LineTransmission Towers, AroundBuildings, IndustrialBuildings, InstitutionalPlaygroundsFairgroundsStreetsOffice BuildingRetail StoresRights-of-way, HighwayRailroad YardsApartment complexesRoadsideFence LinesRoad EmbankmentFarmyardsElectrical Power LinesPipelines

    Available for use in the following states


    Not available

    Product safety


    Early entry
    coveralls, chemical-resistant gloves made of any water-proof material, shoes plus socks, and protective eyewear.
    Personal Protection
    long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes and socks, waterproof gloves. chemical resistant apron when mixing or loading, cleaning up spills or equipment, or otherwise exposed to the concentrate.
    Restricted Entry Interval
    12 hours


    May be exposed to direct sunlight

    Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

    May be stored in a damp place

    May be stored in a warm place

    Should not be frozen