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Active ingredients




Herbicide, Preplant/Preplant IncorporatedHerbicide, PostemergenceHerbicide, PreemergenceHerbicide

WSSA mode of action

14Inhibition of protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO)




PigweedBluegrass, AnnualAgeratum, TropicAmaranth, SpinyCroton, TropicBalsamappleGroundcherry, WrightBedstraw, CatchweedBindweed, Field/EuropeanBluegrass, KentuckyBluegrass, RoughstalkBentgrassRagweedBittercress, Lesser/LittleTansymustardBuckwheat, WildBurclover, CaliforniaPuncturevineCamphorweedCarpetweedGoosegrassMustardClover, RedClover, WhiteCocklebur, Common/HeartleafCrabgrass, Hairy/LargeHenbitFescue, Red/FineFescue, Tall/AltaFiddleneck, CoastFilaree, BroadleafFilaree, RedstemFilaree, WhitestemFireweedFlixweedFoxtail, GiantGeranium, CarolinaGroundcherry, CutleafGroundsel, CommonHorseweed/MarestailJimsonweedNightshadeKnotweed, ProstrateButtonweedLambsquarters, CommonLettuce, Prickly/ChinaMallow, LittleChamomile, MayweedMorningglory, Ivyleaf/Entireleaf/Hairy/CommonMorningglory, Tall/CommonMustard, BlackMustard, Blue/PurpleMustard, HedgeTansymustard, PinnateMustard, TumbleMustard, WildNettle, Burning/DwarfNightshade, American BlackNightshade, HairyNightshade, BlackOat, WildOrach, RedOrchardgrassOxalis, ButtercupPepperweed, VirginiaPepperweed, Clasping/Yellow-floweredPigweed, RedrootPigweed, ProstrateBeggarticksPimpernel, ScarletPoinsettia, WildEveningprimrose, CutleafPurslane, CommonPusley, FloridaRockpurslane, RedmaidsRyegrass, Italian/Annual/CommonAgeratumSesbania, HempSorrel, Red/SheepShepherd's-purseSicklepodSmartweed, PennsylvaniaSage, LanceleafSowthistle, Annual/CommonSpeedwell, Persian/BirdseyeSpurge, SpottedSpurge, GardenCrotalariaSpurry, CornWoodsorrel, YellowLadysthumbSida, Prickly/SpinyThistle, RussianThistle, BullVelvetleafBarnyardgrass/WatergrassLettuce, Miner'sCudweed, NarrowleafWitchgrassSpeedwellMallow /CheeseweedBrome, CaliforniaRocket, LondonSandspurry, RedMorningglory, AnnualFescue, ChewingsFescue, HardCanarygrass, AnnualSuckersWitchweedButtercup, SmallflowerMile-A-MinuteSpurge, ProstrateNightshade, Hairy CheeseweedTeaweedMustard, Common YellowMustard, Jim HillSpurge, spottedRyegrass, ItalianOxalis, BermudaNightshade, BlackBedstraw, CatchweedMustardHenbitSmartweedGeranium, CarolinaAmaranth, PalmerPigweed, RedrootLadysthumbSida, Prickly/SpinyWaterhemp


AlmondApricotArtichoke, GlobeFarmsteadBarleyBean, Dry (All Types)Chickpea/Garbanzo BeanBeet, SugarBlackberry (All Types)Blackberry, NonbearingVegetables, Brassica/Cole (All)BroccoliBuckwheatVegetables, BulbCabbageCalamondin, NonbearingCantaloupeCarrotCauliflowerCeleryChironja, NonbearingFruit, CitrusCitron, Citrus, NonbearingCorn (All Types)Corn, PopCottonCrabappleFruit, TreeGarlicCereal GrainsGrapeGrape, WineGrapefruit, NonbearingGrass, For SeedGuava, NonbearingHorseradishJojobaKiwiKumquat, NonbearingLemon, NonbearingLettuceLime, NonbearingFencerowsMacadamia NutOrange, Mandarin, NonbearingNuts (All Types)OatOnionOnion, For SeedOnion, SeededOnion, TransplantPapayaPea, For SeedPeachPeanutPearPear, DormantPecanPepper, TransplantPeppermintPistachioPlumMillet, ProsoPrunePummelo, NonbearingRaspberryRiceRice, WildRyeSafflowerSageSoybeanSpearmintSquashStrawberryTangelo, NonbearingTangerine, NonbearingTangor, NonbearingTomatoTriticaleVegetables, FruitingVegetables, LegumeWalnutWatermelonWheatMillet, PearlCocoa/Cacao, BearingCocoa/Cacao, NonbearingStrawberry, TransplantCoffee, BearingCoffee, NonbearingFallow BedOrange, Satsuma Mandarin, NonbearingOrange, Sour, NonbearingOrange, Sweet, NonbearingAlmond, DormantCherry, DormantNectarine, DormantPeach, DormantPistachio, DormantPlum, DormantPrune, DormantFig, DormantApple, DormantWalnut, DormantFilbert, DormantAvocado, DormantBeechnut, DormantBrazil Nut, DormantButternut (Tree Nut), DormantCashew, DormantChestnut, DormantChinquapin, DormantCrabapple, DormantDate, DormantFeijoa/Pineapple Guava, DormantGrape, DormantHickory Nut, DormantKiwi, DormantLoquat, DormantMayhaws, DormantOlive, DormantPecan, DormantPersimmon, DormantPomegranate, DormantQuince, DormantGarlic, TransplantRyegrass, Perennial, For SeedFescue, Tall, For SeedClarySorghumGrape, For ProcessingVegetables, CucurbitPepper (All Types)Vegetables, Root and TuberPotatoesTaroGuava, BearingArborvitae, American/White CedarAshCedar, Red/Eastern RedCottonwoodTrees, DeciduousEucalyptusFir, DouglasFir, FraserFir, NobleHemlock, Eastern/CanadaLilac, CommonOak, PinOak, RedOak, WaterOak, WillowOlive, RussianPine, Himalayan WhitePine, Scots/ScotchPine, Virginia/ScrubPine, Black/AustrianPine, JackPine, LoblollyPine, LodgepolePine, Longleaf/Southern YellowPine, MontereyPine, Mugho/MountainPine, Ponderosa/Western YellowPine, ShortleafPine, SlashPine, White/Eastern WhitePoplarRedbudSpruce, Colorado/Blue/KosterSpruce, NorwaySpruce, SitkaWalnut, BlackYewHemlock, WesternCottonwood, HybridRose, Field Grown GardenJuniperOak, NuttallMaple, BlackSpruce, Dwarf AlbertaConifersOak, CherrybarkSweetgumJuniperPoplar, TulipJuniperArborvitaeJuniperJuniperLevee BanksAirportsShelterbeltsHighways/RoadsIndustrial SitesNon-crop AreasStorage AreasTank FarmsRights-of-way, UtilityWindbreaksPine, VirginiaFir, GrandOak, ChestnutHemlock, EasternCottonwood, EasternSweetgumSycamorePine, HimalayanRoadwaysPepper, TransplantStrawberry, TransplantFallow BedCorn (All Types)CottonSoybeanFallow BedFruit, TreeNuts (All Types)Vine Crop

Available for use in the following states


Not available

Product safety


Personal Protection
Some materials that are chemical-resistant to this product are listed below. If you want more options, follow the instructions for category G on an EPA chemical resistance category selection chart. Mixers, loaders and applicators using engineering controls (see Engineering Controls requirements below) must wear: • Long-sleeved shirt and long pants • Shoes plus socks • Chemical-resistant gloves (such as Barrier Laminate, Viton) when mixing and loading • Chemical-resistant apron when mixing and loading All other mixers, loaders, applicators and other handlers must wear: • Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants • Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks • Chemical-resistant gloves (such as Barrier Laminate, Viton) • Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure • Chemical-resistant apron when exposed to the product concentrate Discard clothing and other absorbent materials that have been drenched or heavily contaminated with this product’s concentrate. Do not reuse them. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning/ maintaining PPE. If no such instructions for washables, use detergent and hot water. Keep and wash PPE separately from other laundry. Engineering Controls: Mixers and loaders supporting ground applications to cotton must use a closed system that meets the requirements listed in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides [40 CFR 170.240(d)(4)], and must: • Wear the personal protective equipment required above for mixers/loaders using engineering controls • Wear protective eyewear if the system operates under pressure, and • Be provided and have immediately available for use in case of emergency, such as a broken package, spill, or equipment breakdown, coveralls and chemical-resistant footwear. Pilots must use an enclosed cockpit in a manner that meets the requirements listed in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides [40 CFR 170.240(d)(6)]. When handlers use closed systems or enclosed cabs in a manner that meets the requirements listed in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides [40 CFR 170.240(d)(4-6)], the handler PPE requirements may be reduced or modified as specified in the WPS. Users should: • Wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet. • Remove contaminated clothing/PPE immediately if pesticide gets inside. Then wash thoroughly and put on clean clothing. • Remove PPE immediately after handling this product. Wash the outside of gloves before removing. As soon as possible, wash thoroughly and change into clean clothing.


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

Should not be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • Fallow-Bed Use Prior to Transplanting Strawberries or Peppers Grown in Plastic Culture (CA)
  • For Weed Control in Fallow Beds to be Planted to Soybeans, Corn, or Cotton in VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, FL, MS, LA, AR, OK, MO
  • Spray Volume for Use on Tree Fruit, Nut and Vine Crops (Dormant Application)