General Information


WICK-EC is a proprietary blend of materials formulated to promote good soil structure and water permeability.

WICK-EC, a soil amendment, is for use with the low salinity river waters used for irrigation in the Pacific Northwest. The use of WICK-EC improves water penetration.

WICK-EC is most effective when used on lighter soils with penetration problems. Heavier soils may require more WICK-EC.

WICK-EC modifies the surface soil chemistry which then allows for better water penetration, better soil aeration, and better nutrient utilization.

When applied in the last irrigation, WICKEC may help reduce the amount of soil sticking to potatoes at harvest

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Directions for Use:

WICK-EC is applied through the irrigation system.

Washington State law requires that an EPA-approved safety device be in use when this product is used in any irrigation system.

This product is most effective when applied starting with the first irrigation of the season.

DO NOT APPLY with phosphorus containing products.