General Information


VIVA is a liquid soil applied fertilizer specially formulated to improve the quality, vigor, and yield of fruits, vegetables. VIVA is intended to supplement standard fertility programs.

Do not mix Viva with pesticides or any other chemicals without a compatibility test.

DRIP / TRICKLE IRRIGATION: The specific injection equipment and irrigation system must conform to federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to the fertilization of plants through irrigation system and should be calibrated accurately prior to any application. The irrigation system should operate to achieve maximum distribution uniformity to avoid plant injury and/or ineffectiveness. For best results, apply VIVA toward the end of the irrigation cycle allowing for sufficient time for the product to be flushed out of the entire irrigation system before turning off the irrigation water. Flush and clean all parts with water including any pumps, hoses or nozzles after use of this product.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


1st application: 7 - 10 days after transplant.

Additional applications every 14 - 21 days.