General Information


A uniform microgranular fertilizer (diameter 0.4-1.4 mm, equivalent to 90 SGN) specific for turf grass. TRAINER 20-5-10 is based upon a multi-layered technology, with a urea center covered with a layer of sulfur – the elemental form of sulfur and also sulfate- and a further external layer of N, K, Mg, and Fe. This innovative multi-layered technology guarantees turf grass different forms of nitrogen available in constant and gradual amounts for a period of 4 weeks, and helps to rapidly overcome stress. The inclusion of Mg and Fe increases photosynthetic activity and improves the color response of turf grass.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply any time during the turf growing season, at a rate recommended rate every 4 weeks during the growing season.

Avoid applying fertilizer during extreme conditions of heat.

Irrigate area after application.

Calibrate spreader before application to ensure proper distribution.