General Information


STICK-IT Organic is a proprietary blend of terpene polymers and emulsifiers designed for use with pesticides and soluble fertilizers. This unique chemistry causes to form an elastic film that keeps the enclosed chemicals in contact with the plant surface. This film reduces pesticide and nutrient loss and often enhances activity of those chemicals. In addition, the film improves retention of pesticides and foliar feeds on plant surfaces even during rain or sprinkler irrigation.

STICK-IT Organic will not foam, freeze, or clog nozzles, and may be applied by aircraft or ground sprayer.

STICK-IT Organic requires at least one hour of sunlight for the film to set. Therefore it must be applied during daylight, and at least one hour before irrigation or anticipated rain.

STICK-IT Organic is not for aquatic use.


STICK-IT Organic is compatible with most agricultural chemicals. However, a jar test is recommended before mixing it with other chemicals in large quantities.

Refer to label for mixing instructions.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


To improve the absorption and retention of foliar fertilizers, apply 4 ounces of STICK-IT Organic per acre.

Note: Do not apply to food crops within 30 days of harvest except as follows: STICK-IT Organic can be used with copper fungicides, Bacillus thuringiensis products and other tolerance exempt pesticide on food crops up to harvest.

Caution: Use of STICK-IT Organic with these exceptions may result in visible residues on crops which may render the crops unsaleable.

Pre-Harvest Interval

30 days