General Information


Oxi-Phos can be applied to potatoes, sugar beets, most other vegetable and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, grapes, melons, ornamentals, turf, pasture, range grasses, and most other crops.

Oxi-Phos is a liquid plant food containing the primary plant nutrients and some micronutrients, which are chelated with EDTA, to provide rapid assimilation into the plant system.

Oxi-Phos liquid fertilizer was formulated to provide a fast method to boost plant growth during critical or high growth periods, to prevent damage due to weather, and to correct nutrient deficiencies.

Oxi-Phos is processed with agents aiding in spray tank wetting and dispersement, therefore it will disperse in water with minimum agitation.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Application Rate: Apply at the rate of 1 to 3 qts. per acre to correct deficiencies of listed nutrients.

Foliar Application: Apply Oxi-Phos with 20 gallons of water per acre through conventional sprayers. When using low volume equipment or aerial application, 5 to 10 gallons of water per acre is usually sufficient. The product can be used in combination with other chelate/citrate-based products and/or many pesticides.