General Information

For control of plant parasitic nematodes in vineyards, orchards, field crops, turf and ornamentals.

Fill tank with water to at least half full, then add recommended dosage
of BRANDT NEMA-Q directly to the tank and continue filling. Agitation
should be minimized in the tank (shut off paddle agitation if possible)
to prevent foaming. To reduce foaming, an agricultural defoamer may
be added to the tank mix. However, BRANDT NEMA-Q foam is very water
soluble, will form a true solution, and should not be a concern for settling
in the tank. Apply solution within three hours of mixing.

BRANDT NEMA-Q is a water soluble botanical extract. It is physically
compatible with most water based pesticides and liquid fertilizers
providing the pH of the final solution is in a pH range of 3 to 8. Do
not apply BRANDT NEMA-Q with any other product before testing for
physical and chemical compatibility. To determine compatibility, pour
the recommended proportions of the products into a suitable container,
mix and wait for 30 minutes. If product remains mixed, it is considered
physically compatible.
Not all tank mix combinations have been tested with this product. If
compatibility of this product with another product is unknown, the
mixture should be tested on a small scale.
Read and carefully observe the most restrictive of the labeling
limitations and precautions of all product labels used in the tank mix.
This product has properties similar to wetting agents and may enhance
activity of some products as a wetting agent.

Application Methods

Consider the high solubility of this product when choosing a method of application and timing.

Ground spray application: After area to be treated has been irrigated to field capacity, apply with a band or broadcast type sprayer, such as flat-fan or hollow cone nozzle tip system, to the soil surface. After application has been made it will be necessary to water with either drip, above ground sprinklers or reduced amount of furrow irrigation. Do not over irrigate following application of this product. Do not use flood irrigation to apply this product into the ground. Over irrigation will move the desired concentration of the product too quickly past the targeted root zone.

For ground sprayer application in orchards or around trees, begin application next to the tree trunk and spray at least 50% of soil area or the area under the canopy of the tree, whichever is greatest.

Shank injection application: After area to be treated has been irrigated to field capacity, apply by shank injection to areas where roots are present. Use a sufficient number of injectors to cover area to be treated. If shank application is applied at the root zone, minimal irrigation is required to assure that product covers root zone.

Chemigation application: Apply BRANDT NEMA-Q through the
following types of systems. Do not apply this product through any other
type of irrigation system.
• Low volume (ground or underground) drip, drip tape, strip tubing,
micro-jet sprinklers, mini-sprinklers;
• Sprinkler including center pivot, lateral move, end tow, side (wheel)
roll, solid set, or hand move;
• Furrow.
Check irrigation system and emitters to ensure all systems are operating
normally before injecting BRANDT NEMA-Q. Lack of effectiveness or
crop injury can result from non-uniform distribution of treated water.
If you have questions about calibration, you should contact State
Extension Service specialists, equipment manufacturers, chemigation
experts or the Distributor of this product.
Do not connect an irrigation system (including greenhouse systems)
used for pesticide application to a public water system unless the
pesticide label-prescribed safety devices for public water systems are in
place. In addition, check local and state regulations regarding pesticide
injection into public water systems.

A person knowledgeable of the chemigation system and responsible
for its operation, or under the supervision of the responsible person,
shall shut the system down and make necessary adjustments should
the need arise.
Maintain the system’s operating pressure low enough to prevent fogging
and/or misting during applications. Inject BRANDT NEMA-Q into the
irrigation system after the filter(s) or shut off the automatic back flush
system in order to avoid back flushing of treated water.
Systems using a gravity flow pesticide dispensing system must meter
the product into the water at the head of the field and downstream
of the hydraulic discontinuity, such as a drop structure or weir box, to
decrease potential for water source contamination from backflow if
water flow stops.
Systems using a pressurized water and pesticide injection system must
meet the following requirements:
• The system must contain a functional check valve, vacuum relief
valve and low pressure drain appropriately located on the irrigation
pipeline to prevent water source contamination from backflow.
• The pesticide injection pipeline must contain a functional,
automatic, quick-closing check valve to prevent the flow of fluid
back toward the injection pump.
• The pesticide injection pipeline must also contain a functional,
normally closed, solenoid-operated valve located on the intake
side of the injection pump and connected to the system interlock
to prevent fluid from being withdrawn from the supply tank when
the irrigation system is either automatically or manually shut down.
• The system must contain functional interlocking controls to
automatically shut off the pesticide injection pump when the water
pump motor stops.
• The irrigation line or water pump must include a functional pressure
switch which will stop the water pump motor when the water
pressure decreases to the point where pesticide distribution is
adversely affected.
• Systems must use a metering pump, such as a positive displacement
injection pump (e.g. diaphragm pump) effectively designed and
constructed of material that are compatible with pesticide and
capable of being fitted with a system interlock.
It is highly recommended that the soil be irrigated to field capacity
(down to two feet of soil) before pesticide application. For best results,
inject BRANDT NEMA-Q into the irrigation line in the last quarter of the
irrigation time. Continue irrigation until all lines are flushed. Maintain
irrigation for enough time to assure this product has penetrated down
into the targeted root zone. Do not over irrigate after applying this
product. If excessive watering occurs immediately following application,
this product may move down past the desired root zone due to its
high water solubility. Do not irrigate for at least 24 hours following
application of this product. Pest injury to the crop may result from
uneven distribution of this product during application.
Do not allow air in the line prior to injecting BRANDT NEMA-Q. The
product’s density will cause swelling of the line due to foam formation
and prevent uptake of material. If a pesticide supply tank is used, follow
directions listed under “Mixing” above. There generally will be some
level of foam at the base of the wetted area until it dissolves (usually
within 30 minutes after application, depending on temperature and
amount of water following application).
If applied in heavy rainfall areas, avoid application during rain or when
rain is forecasted within the next 24 hours that may exceed movement
of this product past targeted root zone. Do not apply when wind speed
favors drift beyond the areas intended for treatment.

Application Rates for Control of Nematodes:

BRANDT NEMA-Q lessens the damage caused by nematodes and increases crop yields. To control/suppress plant parasitic nematodes, apply BRANDT
NEMA-Q to the full irrigated zone. For row crops, the irrigated zone is 30-50% of the row area. For orchards or around trees, apply from tree
trunk to drip-line to cover at least 50% of soil area or the area under the canopy of the tree, whichever is greatest. Single applications should
be made in the spring just prior to or during root flush, and again in the fall after harvest. For best results, multiple applications may be made in
the spring, followed by a single application in the fall after harvest. Use BRANDT NEMA-Q in combination with other nematode control products
in an IPM program to achieve season-long control of target pests.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply 1-7 days preplant to the planting zone. Apply centered on the top of the row on pre-wetted soil. Follow with water to assure penetration of the product into the root zone.

For best results, multiple applications may be made at a rate of 2 quarts/acre in 50-100 gallons water per acre (to achieve a concentration of 5,000-10,000 ppm) every 7-14 days for up to 10 weeks.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours