General Information


MONTEREY ZINC 3-3 CHELATE SOLUTION is recommended for soil application to prevent and correct zinc deficiency of vegetables, row crops, deciduous trees and vines, citrus and avocados. MONTEREY ZINC 3-3 CHELATE SOLUTION is formulated to be especially compatible with alkaline solutions (pH > 7.0). MONTEREY ZINC 3-3 CHELATE SOLUTION is not intended to be applied to foliage as severe damage to the plant may result.


MONTEREY ZINC 3-3 CHELATE SOLUTION is recommended for use on all types of soils. Because this is a concentrated solution, it should be diluted before use to ensure uniform coverage. This dilution may be made in fertilizer solutions, water, or with compatible pesticides (use the standard jar test to determine compatibility). Soil applications may be made by metering into drip, sprinkler or furrow irrigation, or in band or broadcast fertilizer applications. For trees or individual plants, the chelate may be diluted as above or sprinkled directly on the soil uniformly under the plant’s drip line, then watered in.

Timing and rates of application are preferred to correspond with high use periods of zinc by the plant. High use periods are early after emergence and prior to pollination. Split applications are preferred over a single application.

The rates below are based on broadcast application. If broadcast rates are used for spot or banded applications, phytotoxicity may result.