General Information

General Information

BRANDT STERIC S DS is a water soluble, soil-applied plant food designed to correct sulfur deficiencies. This product is especially formulated to promote sulfur uptake and metabolism. BRANDT STERIC S DS quickly boosts plant growth during critical or high growth periods and helps reduce stress caused by extreme weather conditions.

BRANDT STERIC S DS is recommended for use on, but not limited to, vegetable and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, vine and berry crops, ornamentals, turf, pasture and range grasses.

Soil applications of BRANDT STERIC S DS can be incorporated in liquid fertilizer or applied separately. This product is most effective when applied through an irrigation system, banded or side dressed.

Mixing and Handling Instructions

Compatibility: BRANDT STERIC S DS is compatible with acid based fertilizers and other plant nutrients. A compatibility test is recommended if the desired combination has not been previously used.

DO NOT use this product with ammonium thiosulfate, potassium thiosulfate or other high pH or high free-ammonia products.

WARNING: When mixing with UAN solutions, add one gallon of water for every one gallon of UAN solution and blend well before adding BRANDT STERIC S DS to insure complete and thorough mixing.

Mixing: Dissolve the recommended amount of BRANDT STERIC S DS into approximately one half the required water. Slowly add the remaining water while maintaining constant agitation. Water quality and temperature will determine maximum solubility. Warmer water temperatures increase solubility and shorten dissolving time. As this product goes into solution, the water temperature will drop. Therefore it is important when preparing concentrated solutions to allow for this temperature drop to insure that the fertilizer is completely dissolved.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Rate Recommendations
Dissolve 1-12 pounds in sufficient water to treat one acre. Apply the rates given in the label to the soil if you do not have a soil or leaf analysis.
After initial application, monitor petiole sulfur levels and repeat application as needed.