General Information


MONTEREY ST-K contains two primary plant nutrients and is designed to correct potassium deficiencies. This product is designed for easy mixing with water and applied through fertilizing equipment or injected into irrigation systems.

This product has a low salt index, so it is ideal for use in planter band and foliar applications. MONTEREY ST-K will quickly boost plant growth during critical or high growth periods and can help prevent damage due to weather.

MONTEREY ST-K is recommended for use on, but not limited to, vegetable and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, vine and berry crops, ornamentals, turf, pasture and range grasses.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Apply the following rate if you do not have a soil or leaf analysis.

After initial application, monitor petiole phosphate levels and apply again as needed.