General Information


MONTEREY PREMIUM ZINC 10% can be used for economical correction of zinc deficiency of vegetables, row crops, deciduous trees and vines, citrus and avocados, and turf and ornamental plants. MONTEREY PREMIUM ZINC 10% is formulated to be especially compatible with alkaline solutions (pH higher than 7.0). It is predominantly intended for soil applications but may also be foliarly applied.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


- Mix 1 to 2 quarts MONTEREY PREMIUM ZINC 10% per 100 gallons diluent, then buffer solution to pH 6 - 6.5. Lower rates may be used if desired. Finished spray may be applied by ground sprayer or through overhead sprinkler systems equipped with anti-syphon or backcheck valves (to prevent contamination of water source by back flow).

- Thorough coverage and wetting are needed for optimum foliar spray results. Immediate post-irrigation or post-rainfall applications give best foliar uptake. Addition of urea (for example, 5 lbs. Lo-Bi Urea per 100 gallons of spray solution) will enhance foliar uptake of MONTEREY PREMIUM ZINC 10%.

- AVOID foliar applications of this product when plants are under moisture stress. AVOID foliar applications to deciduous tree crops during bloom.

CAUTION: Certain crop varieties may be sensitive to foliar applications of MONTEREY PREMIUM ZINC 10%. Test applications to part of the crop are advisable to assess the potential for undesirable effects under specific conditions.