General Information


BRANDT NUTRIENT BUFFER 10-12-10 is designed specifically as a clear, foliar nutrient-buffer system containing nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc and manganese. This product, when used as directed, acidifies alkaline waters while providing a well balanced supply of foliar nutrients. Urea is utilized as the sole source of nitrogen to enhance uptake of all contained nutrients.
BRANDT NUTRIENT BUFFER 10-12-10 is a superior acidifying-buffering agent. Normal rates of 1-2 pints per 100 gallons of spray mix will lower the pH of alkaline water to levels of more optimal for maximum performance of most insecticides. Certain fungicides may also benefit from the addition of this product.
Read and follow the precautions, restrictions and recommendations on the labels of pesticides used with this product. Use according to the most restrictive label directions for each product in any tank mix.

COMPATIBILITY: BRANDT NUTRIENT BUFFER 10-12-10 is compatible with most insecticides and minor elements with the exception of compounds containing sabadilla used on citrus. However, if the desired combination has not been previously used, a compatibility test is recommended. Caution should be used with copper fungicides as this material may increase solubility.

MIXING: Shake well before using. Fill spray tank ½ full of water and begin agitation. Add the recommended amount of BRANDT NUTRIENT BUFFER 10-12-10. Add products as directed by label or in the following sequence and continue filling tank: (1) Dry flowables or water dispersing granules, (2) Wettable powders, (3) Flowables, (4) Solutions, (5) Emulsifiable concentrates. Continue agitation until spray solution is completely mixed. Continuous agitation of finished spray is recommended. If spray solution has been allowed to stand, thoroughly agitate and remix before application. Thoroughly rinse the spray system with clean water after use to reduce corrosion.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Addition of a wetting agent or spreader is recommended to prevent beading of droplets. Avoid making applications to crops stressed from heat, drought, salinity, etc.

BRANDT NUTRIENT BUFFER 10-12-10 may be used as a foliar nutrient spray or buffer adjuvant on all field, fiber, forage, fruit, nut and vegetable crops.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Ornamental Crops: Apply 1-2 quarts per acre in sufficient water to cover.

Optimum rate of application will vary depending on soil properties (such as pH, organic matter content, texture), weather conditions, time of year, general crop health and crop species. For best results, follow soil test or plant analysis recommendation.