General Information

General Information
Foliar applications are used as a supplemental method of feeding
to help correct nutrient deficiencies and to enhance crop quality
and are not intended to replace a complete fertility program.
Applications to actively growing plants produce the best results.
Avoid foliar applications of this product when plants are suffering
from moisture stress or during periods of high temperature
and low humidity.

Mixing And Handling Instructions

Compatibility: BRANDT MKP may be applied separately or in
conjunction with most pesticides and with other fertilizers. The
addition of wetting agents often enhances nutrient uptake. DO
NOT use with basic metal sulfates, strongly alkaline materials (such
as hydrated lime and lime sulfur), or spray oils. A compatibility test
is recommended if the desired combination has not been previously
used. Tank mixtures with copper-based products can be phytotoxic
due to increased solubility of copper. Before general applications,
apply the spray solution to a small test area of the foliage to
determine any undesirable phytotoxic effects.

Mixing: Dissolve the recommended amount of this product into
approximately one half the required water. Note: 2 lbs. of this
product per 100 gallons equals 1 oz./3 gal. or 1 Tbsp./1 gal. Slowly
add the remaining water while maintaining constant agitation.
Water quality and temperature will determine maximum solubility.
Warmer water temperatures increase solubility and shorten
dissolving time. As this product goes into solution, the water
temperature will drop. Therefore it is important when preparing
concentrated solutions to allow for this temperature drop to insure
that the fertilizer is completely dissolved. DO NOT exceed 1 lb.
BRANDT MKP per gallon of finish spray.

Rate Recommendations

Unless otherwise specified, use recommended rates in the following
water volumes based on application method. Use sufficient
spray volume to insure thorough coverage and wetting needed
for optimum results.
Dilute: Greater than 100 gallons/acre.
Concentrate: 10-100 gallons/acre.
Aerial: 5-20 gallons/acre.
Fertigation: Apply this product at rates necessary to provide
the desired levels of nutrients. Finish application at least onehalf
hour before end of irrigation schedule.

BRANDT MKP is recommended for use on (but not limited to) the
following crops. Rates other than those suggested below may
be applied depending on crop conditions and cultural practices.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

VINE AND BERRY CROPS (such as Bushberries, Caneberries, Grapes, Hops and Strawberries): Apply 3-10 lbs/A in early spring or when deficiency symptoms first appear and repeat as needed.