General Information

General Information
BRANDT 4-0-8 is a premium drip fertilizer containing nitrates and trace elements for use in balanced nutritional programs.

Mixing and Handling Instructions
Shake, stir, or swirl contents before using. Put 1/3 to 2/3 of total required water volume in tank. Add recommended amount of this product before adding pesticides, adjuvants, or other fertilizers. Agitate until thoroughly mixed, then fill tank with remainder of water.
BRANDT 4-0-8 is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. However, if the desired combination has not been previously used, check for chemical mixture compatibility using a jar test prior to application. Do not mix with phosphate solutions and ammoniated fertilizers.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Fertigation: This product can be applied via drip or sprinkler irrigation at a rate of 2-12 quarts per acre. Do not mix with phosphate based fertilizers or highly alkaline solutions during the same irrigation cycle.

Optimum rate of application will vary depending on soil properties (such as pH, organic matter content, texture), weather conditions, time of year, general crop health and crop species. For best results, follow soil or plant tissue test recommendation to monitor specific levels of nutrients and maintain these levels for optimum plant growth.