General Information


MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 is a liquid fertilizer especially developed for applications directly to plant foliage to correct nutrient deficiencies or maintain healthy growth. MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 may also be applied in a band to the soil, as a side-dress and as a starter fertilizer with the seed or at seedling transplant.

MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 is formulated with humic acids to aid and promote rapid nutrient uptake by plant leaves and roots. MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 provides completely available nutrients for plant uptake, may be mixed with most liquid fertilizers, and is not phytotoxic when used as directed.


MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 can be used on, but is not limited to, vegetable crops, row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, avocados, grapes, melons, pasture and range grasses.

MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 may be used at any time to correct plant nutrient deficiencies and maintain healthy growth. The usual carrier is water or liquid fertilizer.

MONTEREY HI-PHOS 32 is recommend in foliar applications at the rate of 1-4 quarts per acre. Lower rates may be used depending on crop conditions and cultural practices.

DILUTION RATES Volume per acre

Aircraft & low volume sprayers: 5 gallon minimum

Conventional sprayers: 20 gallon minimum

Dilute spray: 200-500 gallons

Concentrated spray: 50-150 gallons

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


VEGETABLE CROPS: Apply 1-3 quarts per acre just prior to first bloom or when plants are 3-4 inches tall, and continue at two-week intervals. Applications can be part of a regular spray program.