General Information


MONTEREY HA-12 is a concentrated liquid extract of humic acids from leonardite ore, a form of humus that is a decay product of organic matter. MONTEREY HA-12 may increase micronutrient uptake by plants.

APPLICATIONS: For applications to the soil, MONTEREY HA-12 can be applied sequentially in conjunction with, or in tank mixtures with, liquid fertilizers and micronutrients. It may be sprayed onto or in conjunction with applications of dry fertilizers and micronutrients. Note: Use of MONTEREY HA-12 in conjunction with soil-applied herbicides, fungicides or insecticides may diminish pesticidal activity. For foliar applications, MONTEREY HA-12 is recommended for use with fertilizer, micronutrient and pesticide solutions.

MONTEREY HA-12 may be applied by ground or aerial equipment. For applications through drip or overhead sprinkler systems equipped with anti-siphon or back-check valves (to prevent contamination of water source by back-flow), add the recommended amount of MONTEREY HA-12 to the mix tank and inject into irrigation water.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


- Use 1-3 quarts MONTEREY HA-12 per acre with foliar fertilizer applications beginning when plants are 3-4 weeks old. Use this dose in at least 5 gallons finish spray for aerial equipment and/or 10 gallons finish spray for ground application equipment.