General Information

General Information
BRANDT MONOPLEX IRON is a water degradable granular complex recommended for ground or aerial applications to prevent and correct iron deficiency in crops.

Mixing And Handling Instructions
BRANDT MONOPLEX IRON is recommended for use on all types of soils. To ensure uniform coverage, this product should be dissolved in water or fluid fertilizer, or dry blended with water soluble fertilizers. For trees or individual plants, the complex may be blended with an inert (such as soil or sand) or sprinkled directly on the soil uniformly under the plant’s drip line, then watered in.

- The rates given in the table of the label are based on broadcast application. If broadcast rates are used for spot or banded applications, phytotoxicity may result.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Rate of application is 2½ Tbsp. for small shrubs and up to 2½ Tbsp. per inch of tree diameter for large trees and shrubs