General Information


MICRO CLEAN CONCENTRATE is a combination water treatment, scale preventative and soil penetration aide. It is designed for use as both an additive to liquid fertilizer mixes to be applied through drip or micro-irrigation systems and as a stand alone system maintenance additive.


MICRO CLEAN CONCENTRATE is compatible with most common liquid fertilizer mixes. However, if the desired combination has not been previously used, a compatibility test is recommended.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

High rates (5-10 ppm) on a continuous basis for 10 to 14 days have been shown effective in cleaning scaled systems. It is best to flush lines free of microbiological slimes before attempting to clean scale. Completely clogged emitters must be replaced. MICRO CLEAN CONCENTRATE works on the surface of the scale and causes a change in the scale's crystal structure to allow it to slough off and be flushed out of the system. Heavily scaled systems may require acid cleaning or replacement of scaled components.