General Information


MARK-IT RED is a concentrated red colorant designed to be a temporary spray indicator for use with pesticide and other liquid spray solutions. It provides highly visible evidence of spray application patterns. Use of this product eliminates waste due to overlapping and skipping while indicating drift and improper application.

MARK-IT RED readily dissipates, is non-toxic, and totally compatible with water soluble solutions. It is designed for both agricultural and non-crop uses. This product is ideal for golf courses, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, lawn care maintenance, utility rights-of-way, forestry and any large turf or grass areas — virtually anywhere where spray evidence is needed. MARK-IT RED will not permanently stain vegetation, soil, or human skin and can be used with boom-sprayers, row-crop riding equipment, back-pack or wand sprayers.

MARK-IT RED should be added to the spray tank when it is approximately half full. Use one quart for each 75-100 gallons of spray solution, or one gallon for each 300-400 gallons of spray solution. When using handheld or back-pack sprayers (i.e. 3-5 gallons), use one ounce per gallon.

The above rates are approximations. Turf or weed color, height, and individual water conditions such as hardness, pH, iron content, etc. may dictate variations from the above suggested rates. Sight adjustment is recommended. Test for required concentration before use and adjust as needed.

If accidentally spilled, this product can be removed from skin or equipment with several washings of soap and water. Avoid letting MARK-IT RED concentrate come into contact with fabrics.