General Information


DECIMAL is a specially formulated blend of reduced rate water conditioning and sequestering agents intended for use with glyphosate and other herbicide spray applications that recommend the use of ammonium sulfate or nitrogen fertilizer as a tank mix additive.

DECIMAL is a spray grade granule that readily goes into solution.

DECIMAL improves weed control by conditioning and acidifying the water.

DECIMAL works to maximize herbicide performance by neutralizing antagonism from water impurities such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

DECIMAL is compatible with all glyphosate formulations and with separately applied drift retardants or nonionic surfactants and is approved for aquatic use.

DECIMAL can be used as a replacement for ammonium sulfate under most conditions. Where extremely hard water conditions exist in conjunction with difficult to control weeds, additional DECIMAL or ammonium sulfate may be required.

DECIMAL is intended for use with products registered for agricultural, horticultural, turf, ornamental, industrial and non-crop uses. Read and follow all pesticide label recommendations. Do not use DECIMAL if the accompanying tank mix pesticide label prohibits use of water conditioners or acidifying agents.

Always add DECIMAL to the spray water as the first component of the mixture. Slowly pour DECIMAL into the spray tank at the point of maximum agitation. Continue filling while recirculating until all added products are thoroughly mixed into the spray solution.

Maintain good agitation at all times until the contents of the tank are sprayed. If mixture is allowed to settle, thorough agitation is required before spraying is resumed. For optimum water conditioning, the spray mixture should be used within eight hours.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Use the higher rate with hard water conditions. Use the higher rate when tank mixed with glyphosates, or other herbicides, that don’t contain a surfactant ingredient.