General Information

Systemic Miticide / Insecticide for use with loadable tree injectors against certain mites / insects of ornamental / other trees.

For use by Professional Applicators


For terrestrial uses. Due to toxicity to bees, use for tree micro-injection only as a post-bloom application. Do no inject trees that are less than two inches in diameter. This product is NOT to be use on trees which will produce food within the year following treatment.


ABACIDE 2Hp is a solvent-based insecticide for use with liquid loadable injectors. Test ABACIDE 2Hp compatibility with the injector and its liquid contact components before regular use. Clean the interior of the injector with a solvent cleaner to remove any residual liquid prior to use. Disinfect tree injector tips between each tree injection. Applicators should use liquid loadable injector equipment/devices with care and in a safe manner in addition to following each manufacturer's directions and precautions.


ABACIDE 2Hp insecticide is intended for use by commercial Arborists (applicators) on forest, woodlands, Christmas and ornamental trees for control of SPIDER MITES, LEAF MINERS, ELM LEAF BEETLE, SYCAMORE LACE BUG, AND LEPIDOPTERA INSECTS such as FALL WEB WORM, EASTERN TENT CATERPILLAR, and GYPSY MOTH and suppression of APHIDS, THRIPS, AND WHITEFLIES. ABACIDE 2Hp can also be applied in commercial or residential landscapes, interior and exterior plantscapes, and other areas where ornamental trees and woody shrubs are grown. Applications can be made prior to pest appearance or after they are observed. A single application is anticipated to last one growing season, but it may be necessary to make applications two times per year under severe pest pressure. Make the second treatment, if necessary, when insect pressure reappears.

Measure the tree at chest height in inches. If measuring the circumference, divide this number by six (6) to determine the number of injection sites needed. If measuring the diameter at breast height (DBH), divide this number by 2 (two) to determine the number of injection sites needed. If the number of injection sites results in a fraction, round down to the lower whole number.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


For heavier infestation and/or more persistent insects, use the higher rate of 2.0 ml per inch DBH. Trees in advanced stages of insect infestation may not respond to treatment. The health, species of tree and environmental conditions will determine the rate of uptake. Drilling the hole: Depending on the specific type of applicator, it may be necessary to predrill holes prior to insertion of the applicator tip into the tree. Drill holes deep enough to allow the tree's vascular system to transport ABACIDE 2Hp throughout the tree. Application and use: Set the injector for the appropriate amount of ABACIDE 2Hp per site and pressurize the injector. Place injection sites evenly spaced around the root buttress region avoiding root valleys. Follow good injection practices. Disinfect drill bit prior to use on each tree.

Suppression: Aphids; Thrips; Whiteflies