General Information


SUPER SIX Liquid Sulfur is a flowable sulfur formulation that may be applied as a ground or aerial application. Consult your State Agricultural Experiment Station or Extension Specialist for advice in selecting treatments from the label to best fit local conditions. Do not combine with emulsifiable liquids except on dormant sprays or delayed dormant spray applications. USE ONLY ON CROPS LISTED AND ONLY AS SPECIFIED ON THE LABEL. EXCEPT ON COTTON, DO NOT APPLY WHEN TEMPERATURES EXCEED OR ARE LIKELY TO EXCEED 90°F. Do not use sulfur with oil or within 14 days of an oil spray (for citrus 21 days). Do not combine with emulsifiable liquids.

NOTE: Sulfur will cause severe fruit and leaf injury to sulfur-sensitive crops. Do not apply or allow to drift to apricots, d'Anjou and Cornice pears, cranberries, cucurbits (cucumber, cantaloupes, melons, squash), filberts, spinach, tung trees, walnuts or other sensitive plants. Concord and Labrusca grape varieties may be injured by sulfur. Sulfur may burn foliage and fruit during periods of high temperatures and under certain climate conditions. SUPER SIX Liquid Sulfur can be mixed and applied with liquid fertilizer or water.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Use as an early spring treatment for the reduction of thrips population. Thorough spray coverage is essential. Make application after spring flush has made 2 to 4 inch growth. Repeat as necessary. Do not apply within 21 days of an oil application.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours