General Information


To prevent contamination of the dilute solution of FlightControl PLUS by other chemical residues, be sure that the equipment is thoroughly clean before use or use dedicated equipment. Apply product using properly calibrated and maintained spray equipment. Do not apply when surface to be treated is wet or when rain is expected. For best results, allow product to dry on turf grass surface prior to rainfall. Mowing treated areas will remove product and reduce product effectiveness.

USE RESTRICTIONS: This product may be used to repel geese, including Canada geese.

For Professional Application to Lawns.

- Repels geese from terrestrial areas at or near airports.

- Repels geese from grassy areas at commercial sites, industrial sites, municipal sites or in developed urban areas.

- Repels geese from golf courses, ornamental nurseries and conifer nurseries.


For professional application to repel geese at the following sites only:

- Terrestrial areas at or near airports.

- Grassy areas at commercial sites and industrial sites.

- Golf courses.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


When geese have begun to flock in one area and are problematic, apply FlightControl PLUS according to the following rates to the grassy, turf, or forage areas where geese are expected to feed/roost. To determine if the geese are problematic, conduct a visual inspection (bird count) by responsible officials/parties before application.

Grassy or Turf Areas:

- In most cases, dilute 2 quarts of FlightControl PLUS with 50 gallons of water and apply per acre of grass, turf or land surface (1.5 oz. FlightControl PLUS per 1,000 sq. feet). You might need to use as much as one gallon diluted in 50 gallons of water per acre for extreme bird pressure. Your supplier will provide individualized assistance on concentrations to be used under existing conditions.

- Mix with water based on spray equipment specifications and recommendations.

- Apply using a fine spray pattern to evenly distribute over entire surface to be treated.

- Allow material to dry before permitting human activity in the treated area.

- Spray at weekly intervals or as required by geese activity and anticipated seasonal migrations.

- When applying to turf, cutting of the lawn will reduce amount of repellent available.