General Information


WATER-GUARD is a water conditioning agent which promotes herbicide performance by modifying elements such as pH and hardness of the spray water. To aid in herbicide uptake, a blend of ammonium sulfate and ammoniacal nitrogen have been added along with buffers, sequestrants and chelating agents to condition the spray water. Hard water and high pH can minimize the effectiveness of certain herbicides. Ammoniacal nitrogen is known to be an effective uptake enhancer for herbicides by several plant species, and by conditioning the spray water and providing a source of ammoniacal nitrogen. WATER-GUARD positively affects herbicide spray applications.

Do not use WATER-GUARD with herbicides that are not compatible in acidic conditions or low pH.

Do not use with sulfonyl urea or DSMA based herbicides.

Do not use with tank mixes utilizing fixed copper fungicides such as cupric hydroxide, basic copper, COPPER COUNT N or copper oxychloride.

Do not apply this product in such a manner as to directly or through drift, expose workers or other persons.

Always jar test WATER-GUARD with tank mix herbicides prior to mixing. Applicator must have experience with this product or conduct a phytotoxicity trial or use the directions from the products used in the tank mix.

NOTE: If herbicide label recommends the addition of a surfactant follow instructions accordingly.WATER-GUARD is not a replacement for a surfactant.