General Information


Nutri-Phite P Soil is a nutrient solution containing phosphorus in a highly soluble form which is beneficial to plant growth, flowering, crop development, crop quality, yield, fruit set, rooting, root development and transplant establishment when applied as a properly timed and placed soil treatment. Follow manufacturer’s recommended directions for use. Applications of Nutri-Phite P Soil should be part of a fertility program based upon soil and tissue testing data and is intended for use as a supplemental fertilizer treatment.

Soil Application – Nutri-Phite P Soil may be applied to the soil by all types of soil spraying/injection equipment and through certain types of irrigation systems. Refer to the IRRIGATION SYSTEM APPLICATION section. Apply 3 to 4 pints per acre. (See APPLICATION PRECAUTIONS section)

Compatibility - Nutri-Phite P Soil is compatible with most common soil applied pesticides, chemically neutral fertilizers and micronutrients. It is not recommended to use this product with surfactants or adjuvants that lower pH. USER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY to ensure compatibility when tank mixing with other products. (See APPLICATION PRECAUTIONS section).

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply 3 to 4 pints per acre (+/- 4 to 5 liters/hectare) per application. Apply first application with first irrigation in the spring with subsequent applications at three to five month intervals or as needed to supplement nutritional requirements.