General Information


EXTRA POINT LITE is a blend, of water conditioning agents co-formulated with deposition aid/drift retardant. EXTRA POINT LITE is designed to maximize herbicide performance, by mitigating the antagonizing effects of hard water minerals, while improving spray deposition and reducing spray fines. Designed to hasten and improve herbicidal uptake, EXTRA POINT LITE includes a blend of ammoniacal nitrogen. For use with agricultural, rights-of-way, industrial, and forestry pesticide application markets.


READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS FOR USE ON HERBICIDE LABELS. Do not use this product with herbicides that are not compatible in acidic conditions or low pH. Do not use with sulfonylurea or DSMA-based herbicides. Do not use with tank mixes utilizing fixed copper fungicides such as cupric hydroxide, basic copper, COPPER COUNT N, or copper oxychloride. Do not apply this product in such a manner, as to directly or through drift, expose workers or other persons. Always jar test with tank mix herbicides prior to mixing. Applicator must have experience with this product, or conduct a phytotoxicity trial, or use the directions from the products used in the tank mix. It is recommended to use test areas when applying during high humidity, high temperatures or other possible situations where field practice is restricted.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

- The optimal rate of EXTRA POINT LITE will vary with environmental conditions and spray water quality. As growing and application conditions change, rates may be adjusted accordingly.

- For improved deposition aid and drift control, use at 1.0 to 1.25% v/v of spray solution