General Information

This product is intended for use in mixing or blending with other fertilizer materials, to produce fertilizers whose total primary nutrient guarantees equal or exceeds 24%. This product is recommended for correction of multiple deficiencies, as determined by tissue analysis and soil testing, on any agricultural or horticultural crop where a deficiency of boron, copper, manganese and/or zinc may exist. When deficiencies exist, use the following table or consult your local agricultural extension professional or your local professional consultant.

This product is for soil application only.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

WARNING! Excessive amounts of Boron may cause injury to crops. This product is intended for use in further blending with agricultural grade fertilizers and should be applied evenly. Application equipment should be calibrated to insure targeted rates of application.

CAUTION: This fertilizer contains boron, copper, manganese and zinc and should be used only as recommended. It may prove harmful when misused. MAY BE HARMFUL IF INHALED. CAUSES IRRITATION.