General Information


COMPLEX is a self-emulsifiable spreader/sticker, nonionic surfactant adjuvant designed to improve the efficiency of herbicide, insecticide*, and fungicide* sprays by increasing contact activity, penetration, and adhesion to plant surfaces. COMPLEX can be used on food and feed crops, and non-crop areas such as rights of way, industrial, forestry, etc.

COMPLEX's surfactant action helps to keep the solution in suspension and reduces surface tension to give the spray a more uniform coverage. COMPLEX also increases the penetration of the leaf wax to increase the penetration of the chemical.

Note: Not for use in combination with insecticide or fungicide sprays in California.

For Terrestrial Use Only – Not For Aquatic Use

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Add COMPLEX to the spray tank with good agitation after all other spray materials have been added.

NOTE: When using with sensitive crops, use lower rates with fungicides, acaricides and insecticides. If there is a question, use lowest label rate, especially if several products are to be used in a tank mix. Always read and follow the directions, restrictions, and precautions on the pesticide label.

Aerial Application: When applying aerially, follow pesticide label directions including minimum water volume per acre. Do not substitute COMPLEX for water required by the pesticide label.