General Information


This product is recommended to correct zinc deficiencies. This product should be used on the basis of a soil and/or tissue analysis. For fertilizer application rates suitable for your geographical area or the maximum allowable application rate per acre, consult a certified crop advisor or a trained agronomist. For specific crop recommendations in your area, consult your state’s recommendations. Optimum rate of application will vary among fields, depending on soil pH, organic matter, and crop.

For Use In Wisconsin – Use 0.5 – 1 lb/acre of zinc chelate in a band or 1-2 lbs/acre of zinc chelate in a broadcast application. Deficiencies may also be corrected by using 0.15 lbs/acre of zinc chelate as a foliar application.

One gallon of CITRI-CHE ZINC 10% contains 1.02 lbs. of actual zinc.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


CITRI-CHE ZINC 10% diluted with water according to label recommendations, can be applied as a foliar spray. To insure even distribution on the leaf surfaces and increase the effectiveness of foliar application a small amount of wetting agent or surfactant may be added.

Spray to thoroughly cover foliage. Rates and timing of applications are dependent on local conditions and practices. Apply 4-6 weeks after planting. An ammonium sulfate source is recommended when tank mixing with glyphosate and some other herbicides.

Note: Foliar spray of CITRI-CHE ZINC 10% should not be considered as a substitute for soil application, but rather a supplement or temporary measure to correct zinc deficiency in most crops. A number of variables influence the rate of application necessary to control or correct a specific deficiency. For best results follow good agronomic practices.