General Information


CITRI-CHE Copper 5% chelated micronutrient contains 5% of chelated copper in a form readily available to plants. It isrecommended for use as an additive in liquid fertilizer and can also be used as a foliar spray. CITRI-CHE Copper 5%is compatible with herbicides, insecticides, and most agricultural chemicals that may be utilized in combination with liquidfertilizer. CITRI-CHE Copper 5% is most effective when placed in the root zone during planting or moved into the soil byirrigation, tillage, or rainfall. It is important that the copper deficiency be treated before visual symptoms appear to insureproper yields. Rates of application will vary depending upon the severity of the deficiency, climate, soil conditions, andmethod of application. Consult your state Agricultural Experiment Station or Extension Specialists for advice in selectingtreatments from the label to best fit local condition.


Soil Application: CITRI-CHE COPPER 5% can be applied alone or in combination with liquid fertilizer for pre-plant, starter, or side-dress applications. For most effective treatment of row crops make soil applications in a band at planting time or as a side-dressing shortly after planting.

Foliar Application: CITRI-CHE COPPER 5% diluted with water according to label recommendations can be applied as a foliar spray. To ensure even distribution on the leaf surfaces and increase the effectiveness of foliar application a small amount of wetting agent or detergent may be added.

NOTE: Foliar Spray of CITRI-CHE COPPER 5% should not be considered a substitute for soil application but rather a supplement or temporary measure to correct copper deficiency in most crops.


This product is for use on all food and fiber crops. These are general recommendations. Consult your local agricultural professional for specific recommendations.


A number of variables influence the rate of application necessary to control or correct a specific deficiency. For best results follow good agronomic practices, soil test and, if necessary, use tissue analysis.