General Information


PHT 5% Mn EDTA chelated micronutrient is fully chelated and in a form readily available to plants. It is recommended for use as an additive in dry or liquid fertilizer and can also be used as a foliar spray. PHT 5% Mn EDTA is also compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, and agricultural chemicals that may be utilized in combination with liquid fertilizer. PHT 5% Mn EDTA micronutrient is most effective when placed in the root zone during planting or moved into the soil by irrigation, tillage or rainfall. It is important to treat the manganese deficiency before visual symptoms appear to ensure proper yields. Rates of application will vary depending on the severity of the deficiency, climate, soil type, and method of application. Consult your State Agricultural Experiment Station or Extension specialist for advice in selecting treatments from the label to best fit local conditions.


Soil Application: PHT 5% Mn EDTA micronutrient can be applied alone or in combination with dry or liquid fertilizer for preplant, starter or side dress applications. For most effective treatment of row crops, make soil application in a band at planting time or as a side dressing shortly after planting.

CAUTION: DO NOT APPLY TO ORGANIC SOILS SUCH AS MUCK OR HIGH ORGANIC SANDS. Use foliar sprays on these soil types to correct Manganese deficiencies.

Foliar Application: PHT 5% Mn EDTA Micronutrient, when diluted with water according to label recommendations, can be applied as a foliar spray. To ensure even distribution on leaf surface and increase effectiveness of foliar application, a small amount of wetting agent or detergent may be added.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Dilute 1 - 2 quarts of PHT 5% Mn EDTA in 20 - 100 gallons of water and spray to thoroughly cover foliage. Apply 4 - 6 weeks after planting or when manganese deficiency symptoms appear.