General Information


White Label Soybean Mix is a foliar or soil- applied micronutrient and is non-phytotoxic when used as directed. White Label Soybean Mix is completely available and absorbed by the leaf surface or the root system because of the phenolic acid complex. White Label Soybean Mix is an excellent acidification agent for lowering high pH in spray tank water to decrease the hydrolysis of most pesticides. White Label Soybean Mix is an effective dispersing agent when applied with other foliar spray chemicals.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



Apply 1 gallon White Label Soybean Mix in 500 gallons of dilute spray. If concentrated spray is used, increase the concentration indirect proportion to dilution. If tree crops are sprayed several times a year, the above amount can be split into more numerous applications. Split applications over the year are considered more beneficial that single applications.

When foliar spraying White Label Soybean Mix through conventional sprayers, use a minimum of 20 gallons of water per acre. When foliar spraying White Label Soybean Mix with low volume equipment, 5 gallons of water per acre is usually sufficient. If less water is used, slight burning of the foliage may occur. A maximum of 1/2 gallon per acre per application is recommended. Aerial applications should not exceed 1 quart per gallon of water. For best results spray when the crop is in an active growing state, after irrigation or natural rainfall. Spray early in the morning or late afternoon. Mid-day sprays may not be effective because of excessive moisture evaporation. The addition of 1/2% (total solution) of nitrogen solution, ammonium sulfate or L.B. Urea may aid leaf absorption.