General Information


SUGAR MOVER contains a patented formulation of boron with molybdenum. Where boron and molybdenum are deficient relative to nitrate nitrogen levels, excessive vegetative growth occurs. Excessive vegetative growth drives the movement of carbohydrates (sugars) towards apical meristems and the leaves at the top of the plant away from developing fruit, seed, storage tissues or roots. SUGAR MOVER promotes more efficient conversion of nitrate nitrogen into metabolically functional forms (i.e. amine nitrogen). The enhanced conversion of nitrate nitrogen into more metabolically functional forms in crops that are exposed to or use high levels of nitrogen may help to reduce excessive vegetative growth. This in turn will help to move carbohydrates (sugars) out of leaves to the roots, storage tissue, seeds or fruit as well as prepare crops for harvest if they are not naturally senescing due to excessive nitrate nitrogen levels.


Because Boron is not mobile within the plant, a continuous supply to all growing points is required from germination to maturity. Supplemental application of boron is recommended when soil tests shows less than 1.0 ppm boron or tissue test levels fall below average values specified for the crop. Seek advice from a local agricultural authority on application rates recommended. In the absence of analysis results or local recommendation apply the recommended amount listed through irrigation, with starter fertilizer, with ground equipment or by air in a volume sufficient for thorough coverage.If applying SUGAR MOVER through irrigation, treatment should be applied during the later stages of the watering cycle whenever possible.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


In order to promote sugar movement from leaves to storage tissue, hormones at the growing point must be reduced. The use of SUGAR MOVER is only important if plants are not naturally senescing before harvest.

NOTICE: When using SUGAR MOVER on your crop, additional supplemental application of Boron should not be made unless soil or plant tissue tests indicate that this is necessary.