General Information

General Information

Stoller's Root Power is designed to increase the root growth of plants when it is applied directly to the rooting area through irrigation or by drenching along side of the plants. Stoller's Root Power™ contains zinc and boron which are micronutrients that affect a plant's natural hormones responsible for cell division and cell elongation. The accelerated root growth will greatly affect the growth habits of the plant. It will also cause the plant to become more resistant to nematodes and diseases that normally affect a plant's root growth.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

- Alternatively, apply 2 ounces per acre of Root Power through any other manner of irrigation or soil drench in the rooting area of the plants.

- Stoller's Root Power may be diluted in any amount of water at the time of application. Application should continue until harvest is completed. At that time, the applications may be discontinued.