General Information


Nutrients are essential for the health of plants. ReZist contains plant nutrients that are important in plants to maintain their health and vitality under adverse conditions. ReZist can be used in combination with fungicides and bactericides to maintain plant tolerance to abiotic stress.


Tank mix combination with fungicides or bactericides can be prepared by adding 1/2 of the required amount of water to the mix tank. With the agitator running, add the ReZist and keep the agitator running and then add the fungicide or bactericide. Maintain agitation until all of the mixture has been applied. Do not let the spray mixture stand overnight in the spray tank. If the compatibility of the tank mixture is not known, before mixing a commercial application conduct a jar test by mixing the proposed mixture in the same ratio in quart jar and letting it stand for 5 minutes. If the combination remains mixed or can be re- mixed readily, it is physically compatible. Use spray pressure and nozzles to produce a fine spray to provide thorough coverage of the crop. Begin treatment when plants are young or new growth begins.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Apply ReZist and at 1 print/ acre (1.2 liter/ hectare). Begin when seedlings are young or new growth starts with perennial crops. Continue sprays every 21 to 28 days or with the normal fungicide spray schedule used. If disease pressure requires more frequent application of fungicides, increase the amount to 1 quart per acre of ReZist as long as these conditions exist.