General Information

General Information

NATUR'L OIL is a unique blend of special emulsifiers and 93% vegetable oil. It is a non- ionic surfactant. It is compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and defoliants.

NATUR'L OIL may be used as a non- ionic surfactant replacing petroleum based crop oils, as an anti- evaporant mixed with water (6% to 15% v/ v) or as the sole diluent in compliance with label directions.

NATUR'L OIL can be used in preplant, pre- emerge or post- emerge herbicide sprays to maximize weed control.

NATUR'L OIL reduces pesticide volatilization and photodecomposition, thereby allowing effective incorporation in the shallow one to two inch germination zone.

NATUR'L OIL increases leaf penetration and translocation of herbicides.

NATUR'L OIL can be used directly as a diluent for synthetic pyrethroids labeled for ULV application with oil. Spray volumes as low as one quart per acre are commonly used on vegetables and field crops.

NATUR'L OIL enhances the activity of fungicides in conventional spray volumes and has the advantage of little or no phytotoxicity. It may be used with fungicides on fruit trees, vines, vegetable and field crops.

NATUR'L OIL can be applied with defoliants and desiccants to obtain more thorough wetting and absorption. Chlorate defoliants, the organophosphates and Paraquat are standard harvest aids that may be applied with NATUR'L OIL to accelerate leaf drop to make harvesting easier, cleaner and faster.

NATUR'L OIL aids effective herbicide application with fertilizers. Use NATUR'L OIL with soil applied fertilizers to reduce herbicide evaporation and photodecomposition during application and tillage and to eliminate the need for deep incorporation. NATUR'L OIL helps control dust in dry blends.

NATUR'L OIL promotes uptake of foliar fertilizers by enhancing the absorption, translocation and persistence of nutritionals.

NATUR'L OIL may be used with any pesticide or nutritional where persistence and weatherability are desirable.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Mix 3 pints NATUR'L OIL per acre (3.4 liters per hectare) with herbicides. Disperse in liquid or suspension fertilizers or impregnate dry blended fertilizers.