General Information


MICRO- PLUS Complexed Micronutrients are for soil and foliar application. They are readily available and rapidly absorbed by the root system or foliage.

MICRO- PLUS Complexed Micronutrients are formulated to be used in Stoller liquid fertilizers (NITRO- PLUS, URA- CAL, FOLIZYME) and Nitrogen solutions. When used with polyphosphate containing fertilizers, dilute with nitrogen solution before addition. Broadcast or row applications are acceptable, although greater efficiency may be expected from row applications. Micronutrient deficiencies usually occur when plants are small; therefore, micronutrients should be added to the fertilizer at or before planting.

MICRO- PLUS Micronutrients are products with medium corrositivity. It is recommended that MICRO- PLUS Complexed Micronutrients (10% Zn, 5% Fe, 5% Mn, 5% Cu) be stored in fiberglass, polyethylene or polyolefin. We recommend storing pails a maximum of three pails high. Do not stack pallets.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Soil application of MICRO- PLUS ZINC can be incorporated in liquid fertilizer or applied separately. MICRO- PLUS ZINC can be coated on dry blend fertilizer to control dust in the blend plant and supply needed micronutrients. Contact Stoller Enterprises, Inc. to receive the necessary equipment and operating instructions.