General Information


This product is to be used with water (or oil for ultra low volume aerial application to cotton and for aerial or turbine-blower application to pasture/rangeland). See cotton and pasture/rangeland use directions for specific recommendations for these application sites. Do not apply an ultra low volume application to any use sites other than cotton and pasture/rangeland. Do not use in undiluted form. Before using, mix the recommended amount of Malathion 8EC with an equal amount of water and add this mixture to the spray tank. Maintain agitation while mixing and applying. For aerial application to vegetable and field crops, apply 1-3 gallons of spray mixture per acre except where otherwise noted in specific crop directions. May be applied by chemigation to all listed crops (see “General Chemigation Instructions”). Apply at first sign of an insect infestation and repeat as necessary. Best results are obtained with thorough coverage of all exposed plant surfaces. Consult your State Agricultural Extension Service or Experiment Station for additional information as to proper timing of application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

SMALL GRAIN STORAGE FACILITIES (corn, wheat, rye, oats and barley)

For a residual wall, floor, and machinery spray in grain elevators, in treating truck beds, boxcars, and ships’ holds before loading grain, apply 5 pts. per 25 gallons of water making thorough application. Before applying spray, clean elevators, boxcars, etc. thoroughly. Remove and burn all sweepings and debris.