General Information


Integrated Pest Management

Chlorothalonil 720 SC is an effective fungicide when used according to label directions for control of a broad spectrum of plant diseases. Chlorothalonil 720 SC is recommended for use in programs that are compatible with the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which include the use of disease resistant crop varieties, cultural practices, pest scouting and disease forecasting systems, which reduce unnecessary applications of pesticides.

Fungicide Resistance Management

Chlorothalonil 720 SC is an effective product for strategic use in programs that attempt to minimize disease resistance to fungicides. Some other fungicides that are at risk from disease resistance exhibit a single-site mode of fungicidal action. Chlorothalonil 720 SC, with a multi-site mode of action, may be used to delay or prevent the development of resistance to single-site fungicides. Consult your federal or state Cooperative Extension Service representatives for guidance on the proper use of Chlorothalonil in programs which seek to minimize the occurrence of disease resistance to other fungicides.

Chlorothalonil 720 SC can be used effectively in dilute or concentrate sprays. Thorough, uniform coverage is essential for disease control.


DO NOT use on greenhouse-grown crops.

Tank Mixing

DO NOT combine Chlorothalonil 720 SC in spray tank with pesticides, surfactants or fertilizers, unless prior use has shown the combination physically compatible, effective and noninjurious under your conditions of use. DO NOT combine Chlorothalonil 720 SC with DiPel or Latron B-1956 or Latron AG-98 as phytotoxicity may result from the combination when applied to crops listed on the label.

This product must not be applied within 150 feet (for aerial applications) or 25 feet (for ground applications) of marine/estuarine water bodies unless there is an untreated buffer area of that width between the area to be treated and the water body.


Dosage rates on the label indicate pints of Chlorothalonil 720 SC per acre, unless otherwise stated. Under conditions favoring disease development, the higher rate specified and shortest application interval should be used.

Note: Slowly invert container several times to assure uniform mixture.

The required amount of Chlorothalonil 720 SC should be added slowly into the spray tank during filling. With concentrate sprays, pre-mix the required amount of Chlorothalonil 720 SC in a clean container and add to the spray tank as it is being filled. Keep agitator running when filling spray tank and during spray operations.

Apply Chlorothalonil 720 SC in sufficient water to obtain adequate coverage of foliage. Gallonage to be used will vary with crop and amount of plant growth.

For field and row crops, spray volume usually will range from 20 to 150 gallons per acre for dilute sprays and 5 to 10 gallons per acre for concentrate ground sprays and aircraft applications.

For tree and orchard crops, apply Chlorothalonil 720 SC in sufficient water and with proper calibration to obtain uniform coverage of tree canopy.

For fruit and nut bearing crops, the maximum volume is 300 gallons per acre unless indicated otherwise in the specific use directions. For conifers, the maximum volume is 100 gallons per acre.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply with sufficient water for coverage when leaf wetness first occurs or 30 to 40 days after planting; repeat at 14 day intervals (the minimum re-treatment interval is 14 days). When conditions favor late leaf spot or when rust or web blotch occur, apply 1 1/2 pints Chlorothalonil 720 SC per acre at 14 day intervals for the remainder of the season.

Apply by ground, air, or chemigation. If applying by chemigation, use 1 1/2 pints Chlorothalonil 720 SC per acre. It is recommended to alternate chemigation applicationswith ground or aerial applications.

Restrictions and Limitations:

- DO NOT allow livestock to graze in treated areas.

- DO NOT feed hay or threshings from treated fields to livestock.

Pre-Harvest Interval

14 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours