General Information


Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide is a herbicide used to control weeds in the following sites:

- aquatic areas

- commercial greenhouses and nurseries

- dormant established turfgrass (bermudagrass, zoysiagrass – nonfood or feed crop)

- landscape, industrial, recreational, commercial, residential, and public areas

- ornamental seed crops (flowers, bulbs, etc. – excluding the state of California)

- turf renovation (all turf areas except commercial sod farms)

Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide works by being absorbed by the weed, and, within a few days, the weed shows signs of dying. Optimum results are seen if the weeds are young, actively growing, and free from stress.

To avoid injury to desired crops, ornamentals or desirable plants, use caution to prevent drift during application and clean all spray equipment thoroughly with water after use. Avoid application to muddy water or disturbing the water during application that may reduce weed control. To avoid reduced herbicidal activity, do not use dirty or muddy water in preparing spray solutions of Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide. Avoid application under conditions of high wind, water flow, or wave action.


New York – Not for Sale or Use in New York State without Supplemental Special Local Needs Labeling.

Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide is used to control aquatic weeds in public waters such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, marshes, bayous, drainage ditches, canals, streams, rivers, and other slowmoving or quiescent bodies of water. Do not apply to water that is moving or if outflow leads to public waters (i.e., apply only to still water ponds, lakes and drainage ditches).

Optimum control of submersed weeds is obtained by applying Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide when the weeds are actively growing (photosynthesizing), typically when water temperatures are about 50°F or more, (this occurs usually in the Spring or early Summer).

Precautions and Restrictions:

- Obtain all necessary approval and/or permits before application if required. Consult the responsible State Agencies (i.e., Fish and Game Agencies, State Water Conservation authorities, or Department of Natural Resources).

- Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide may be applied by those applicators certified for aquatic pest control authorized by the State or Local government, Federal or State Public Agencies such as Water Management District personnel and municipal officials, and by Corps of Engineers.

- For water bodies containing dense weeds, apply Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide to only 1/3 to 1/2 of the water body area at one time. If a repeat application is required, wait for 14 days. Using Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide in this manner will prevent loss of oxygen in the water body which occurs when dead weeds begin to decompose which often leads to suffocation of fish.

- Do not apply Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide in areas where commercial processing of fish which produces fish protein concentrate or fish meal is practiced. Prior to application, coordinate application with and obtain approval from local and/or State authorities.

- Use water treated with Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide only after the specified number of days have passed after application (refer to the table below for these water use restrictions). Alternatively, the water may be used at a different time after application only if an approved assay (ex. PAM II Spectromatic Method) shows that no more than the designated maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) of 0.02 mg/L (ppm) of diquat dibromide (calculated as the cation) is present in the water.

- If posting is required by your state or tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulations for specific details.

- see table (Water Use Restrictions Following Applications of Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide)

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Since Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide does not translocate systemically, it can be used as an edging or pruning tool. Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide must be applied only to the select, narrowbanded areas of grass or undesirable weed growth found in desirable ornamental bedding plants, ground covers, etc. Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide will only control vegetation growing within the width of the spray application. Do not exceed the labeled rate of Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide or concrete-based materials will be stained.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours