General Information

Applications for Z-mendit

Z-mendit is a soil amendment that, when added to a root zone improves plant performance. It is a clinoptilolite and when added to other growth media enhances its performance.

Use for sports turf, golf greens & tees, in greenhouse-nursery mixes, in garden soils, planting beds and containers, for landscaping, roof gardens, transplants, and horticultural crops.

Particularly suitable for sandy and coarse textured soils.

Divot Mix:

Mix Z-mendit with divot mix for a 50% ZeoPro 50% sand ratio to enhance germination and moisture and nutrient retention capabilities.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Turf Top Dressing:

Apply Z-mendit to existing turf. Best results will be obtained if Z-mendit is worked into the root zone via aerification, drill and fill, Dry-jecting or other method. Normal application is 275 to 500 lbs per 1000 Ft2 (120-245 kg/100 M2) with aerification or other procedure to enhance placement into the root zone.