General Information

Use Directions for General Pest Control on Structure Exterior Surfaces and Foundation Perimeters

Use Restrictions

- Structures permitted to be treated: commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential buildings, and utility enclosures.
- DO NOT use indoors except for applications into structural voids.
- DO NOT make treatments while precipitation is occurring.
- DO NOT allow applications to runoff or drip from treated surface.
- Only protected applicators wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), as required by this product label, are allowed to be in the immediate area during application.
- DO NOT allow residents, children, other persons, or pets into the immediate area during application and until sprays have dried.
- After application, the applicator must check for deposition of treatment finished dilution in locations other than those prescribed on this label. If found, finished dilution must be cleaned up before leaving the application site. DO NOT allow residents, children, other persons, or pets to contact contaminated areas or to reoccupy contaminated areas of the structure until cleanup is completed.
- DO NOT treat within a distance of one foot out from edible plants.
- DO NOT contaminate water, food, or feed. Cover or remove all exposed food, feed, and drinking water.
- DO NOT contaminate public and private water supplies.
- DO NOT apply within 15 feet of fresh water bodies (e.g., lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, marshes, natural ponds, commercial fish ponds). A 15-foot buffer of uniform groundcover must exist between the application area and fresh water bodies. NOTE: Uniform ground cover is defined as land which supports vegetation of greater than 2 inches in height throughout.
- DO NOT apply within 60 feet of estuarine water bodies. Estuarine water bodies are brackish or tidal water bodies (e.g., bays, mouths of rivers, salt marshes, lagoons).
- Doors and windows adjacent to surfaces to be treated must be closed during application.
- DO NOT apply to wasp or hornet nests if they are not attached to the structure exterior or inside structural voids.
- DO NOT directly spray air conditioning units or air intake vents.
- DO NOT apply to playground equipment and pet quarters.
- DO NOT apply to boat houses, including their piers or pilings.
- DO NOT use in a spray tank with borate contaminants.

Product Information

When used as directed in this label, Termidor NY will kill and provide residual control of the following pests:
- ants (acrobat, Argentine, big-headed, carpenter, crazy, odorous, pavement, pharaoh, thief)

Additionally, Termidor NY will kill the following pests:
- beetles (Asian lady, darkling)
- bugs (box-elder, pill)
- centipedes
- cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, smokey brown)
- crickets, house
- earwigs, European
- flies, cluster
- millipedes
- silverfish
- spiders (black widow, brown recluse, cellar, hobo)
- ticks, brown dog
- wasps, paper*
- yellow jackets
* Termidor NY is not a knockdown agent.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Applications to Structure Foundation Perimeters

Apply Termidor NY finished dilution as a low-pressure (25 PSI or less at the nozzle) coarse general surface spray along the foundation exterior perimeter to an area one foot up and one foot out from where the ground meets the foundation. Apply 2 quarts of Termidor NY finished dilution per 160 linear feet. (NOTE: This is approximately 1.5 gallons finished dilution per 1000 square feet.) Listed pest nests found on the ground within one foot of the foundation can be treated.

For best results, remove or prune away bushes, shrubbery, and tree branches touching the structure. Vegetation touching the structure may be a route of entry for pests into the structure. This may allow pests to inhabit the structure without coming in contact with the treatment.