General Information


MIZER should be applied according to a managed application program. MIZER is designed to be applied via irrigation system using standard injection equipment and spray equipment. Guidance on the calibration of injection equipment is available from the equipment manufacturer.

Make the first application at the beginning of the growing season at the maximum rate and repeat 7 to 10 days later. Make further applications at the maintenance rate at 30-day intervals thereafter or as necessary as judged by the severity of the drought stress. MIZER does not require watering in after application. If wetting agents are used as part of the program, in all cases, these should be watered in immediately after application preferably by hand syringing or alternatively using automatic irrigation, which typically should be in operation for 20 minutes. This is especially important during warm or hot weather.

PPM Unit Calibration: The ppm unit has settings ranging from 1 to 10. The dilution rate varies according to several factors including temperature, pressure, flow rate and wetting agent viscosity. As a general guide the ppm unit is capable of injecting wetting agents between 0.75 and 17 oz/min dependent on the above factors.

To determine which setting to use on the ppm unit, make the following calculations in the label.