General Information


Apply when pests first appear and repeat as necessary to maintain control. Apply the following recommended rates in sufficient water to thoroughly cover one acre. By ground, apply a minimum of 200 gallons per acre on stone fruits and nuts; a minimum of 300 gallons per acre on pome fruits; a minimum of 200 gallons per acre on bush and vine fruits and a minimum of 10 gallons per acre on vegetable and row crops. By air, a minimum of 2 gallons per acre on small fruits and tree crops. Use the designated amount in 100 gallons of water unless otherwise specified.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Cucumber Beetle—Use 2 pints per acre. Leafhoppers, Pickleworm—Use 2.8 to 3.2 pints per acre. Aphids, Spider Mites—Use 1½ pints per 100 gallons.

Pre-Harvest Interval

1 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours