General Information

General: LI 700 is a non-ionic, low foaming penetrant. LI 700 may be used to enhance the activity and effectiveness of agricultural and industrial chemicals. LI 700 provides more uniform coverage of spray solutions and aids in penetration. LI 700 may be used to acidify (lower pH) of spray solutions thus preventing alkaline hydrolysis of pesticides sensitive to high pH. LI 700 improves deposition and retards drift by producing a more uniform spray pattern. The degree of drift hazard varies with the type of pesticide and application conditions. Common sense and sound application technology must be followed when spraying pesticides. LI 700 will retard, but not eliminate, drift. LI 700 is compatible with most pesticide formulations including water-soluble, flowable and wettable powders. For tank mix compatibility concerns, conduct a jar test of the proposed mixture to ensure compatibility of all components. Mix components in the same ratio as the proposed tank mix. Application may be by ground or air.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

NOTE: This product has demonstrated excellent plant safety; however, not all species of ornamentals have been tested. Before treating a large area, test on a small area and observe prior to full scale application.