General Information

GENERAL: Bond Max combines the adherence ability of a latex polymer with super coverage of non-ionic surfactants. BOND MAX will increase deposition, reduce run-off and secure spray from rain or overhead irrigation. BOND MAX will decrease surface tension, resulting in better coverage. BOND MAX promotes rapid spreading for a uniform protective film. Apply sprays containing BOND MAX at least 30 minutes before an anticipated rain or overhead irrigation.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Fill spray tank 1/2 full with water and begin agitation. Add pesticides as directed by label, while maintaining agitation. After pesticides are thoroughly mixed, eliminate any existing foam with approved defoamer (Unfoamer). Then fill tank to desired water volume before adding BOND MAX. For tank mix compatibility concerns, conduct a jar test of the proposed mixture to ensure compatibility of all components. Mix components in the same ratio as the proposed tank mix.

- Rinse tank, pump, lines and nozzles with water immediately after spraying. Observe the pre-harvest interval on the pesticide label when using BOND MAX. No time limitations apply to non-food crops.